Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation: Strip Harvest Method

The roots of current-day hair transplantation first off developed in Japan withinside the 12 months 1930s. In the 12 months 1939, the Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda defined the system of surgical hair recuperation supposed for burnt sufferers in detail. Later withinside the 12 months of 1943, the alternative Japanese dermatologist popularly called Dr. Tamura delicate the paintings of Dr. Okuda and defined that every follicular unit includes multiple hair roots which degrees among 1-four follicular devices and implemented the elliptical incision to extract the donor’s tissue after which dissected every character graft. Visite Google Maps:

Later, withinside 12 months in 1952, a New York dermatologist named, Dr. Norman Oreintreich accomplished the first actual hair transplantation withinside the US on a person tormented by male sample baldness. It became the time of re-inventing and re-defining the system of hair transplantation. And now it’s miles the first-rate choice for an affected person, who’s tormented by the male sample baldness and in addition, applies withinside the case of girl sample baldness as nicely.

In FUT, the grafts are harvested through the strip of the pores and skin, typically taken from the returned and facets of the scalp termed because the ‘secure donor sector’ and transferred to the recipient sector to acquire the cultured aim of the system.

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The hair transplant system reveals its root in 1952 with the revision recuperation system of Dr. Norman Oreintreich that introduces the manner of punching for extraction with 4mm punches. The equal later was given converted into the system of Micrografting and mini grafting. And thenceforth, later withinside the 12 months 1990, the maximum well-matched method of harvesting the grafts has got here to the image which entails the strip of the pores and skin that carries the follicular devices. In the method of FUE hair transplant, the extraction entails using a punching device which leaves to the manner of extracting the grafts, one-through-one from the scalp and if wished used to goal the dangerous sector too for extracting the hair roots. As the deviation withinside the punching could arise because of the random movement of the punching which routinely positioned the issue for extracting the roots from the scalp. Since there may be a want of retaining the cultured distance to take the grafts. The extraction of graft withinside the FUE hair transplant leaves a small open hollow which heals with a small white mark.

In the system of FUT, an acronym of follicular unit transplant entails the moving of follicular devices that typically pairs withinside the wide variety of 1-four from the donor element to the recipient one through the excision of the strip of the pores and skin. In the system of FUT, the affected person’s scalp is numbed to excise the strip and make an incision to take the strip and the element is closed through the superior Trichophytic closure to keep away from the probabilities of scars. If nicely executed, the consequences of FUT will appearance absolutely herbal and might be undetectable.

This article affords an evaluation of various components of FUT which include the conditions of doing FUT hair transplant, indications, and myths & facts, steps, obstacles, and the price range price attitude of the FUT system.


In the system of FUT, the strip of the pores and skin harvested from the donor vicinity (returned & facets of the scalp), the donor strip is then separated into the character follicular devices the usage of specific stereo-microscopic dissection techniques. After dissection of the follicular devices, a similar step is accompanied by making the hairline layout at the scalp to area the grafts. The incision part of the scalp is closed through the superior Trichophytic closure that avoids the probabilities of scars and makes the system without scars.

(right here positioned the photo of donor vicinity at some point of the excision of the strip)

NOTE: use the actually affected person picture graph instead of the drafted one!

The fundamental gain of FUT hair transplant in dubai is that it’s miles appropriate for overlaying the better grade of Norwood magnificence baldness because the method presents the best wide variety of follicular devices through the strip. As the follicular devices withinside the FUT hair transplant harvested from the secure donor element are everlasting in nature given that those roots are proof against the consequences of DHT. It is most effective feasible to implant the better wide variety of the follicular devices through the FUT hair transplant and no different options are being practiced withinside the subject of hair transplantation if there may be want of a better wide variety of grafts to cowl the extra diploma of baldness.


There are a few conditions for doing FUT as jotted down below:

Adequate skill, enjoy and information for a Surgeon
Ultra delicate equipment for making the incisions
Adequate magnification of at the least 20x for the doctor and technician
A superior closure method of Trichophytic closure to keep away from the scars
An exceedingly-educated crew of technicians to dissect the grafts
Use of optimized hypothermic (low temperature) preservation (keeping answer) to preserve the grafts outdoor that extends the existence of the cells outdoor the frame
Use of virtual sensor device to hold the temperature of the keeping answer at a consistent degree to keep away from the harm of grafts
Trichophytic Closure Technique
It is critical to be aware withinside the FUT system to make the incision scarless after harvesting the strip from the donor element. The method which makes the scar nearly invisible is the superior Trichophytic closure. It is a distinct final method that’s a long way higher than the overall method because the final is performed in this manner with a zig-zag style in conjunction with trimming and final the brink of the incision vicinity in the sort of way that they overlap with every different and gift the invisible scar after the final. In Trichophytic closure, the hair grows obviously and the sutures get absorbed after only or weeks and there may be no want to dispose of it out. The hair developing thru the scar can offer a strip without through FUT system and it is very tough for anyone, even a medical doctor, to be aware of the scar after the system is complete. In Trichophytic closure, a medical doctor trims one of the maximum incisive edges and permits them to overlap every different in order that the hair grows immediately thru the donor scars.

Safe Donor Area

The aim of the hair transplant is to apply most effective the hairs which might be destined to stay everlasting. The hair follicles which are proof against DHT (di-hydro Testosterone) are everlasting and lifelong. The Surgeon’s most effective objectives are the ones everlasting hair roots from the scalp in order that he achieves the purpose of the hair transplant. Now; we need to keep in mind this truth that’s the most secure one in phrases of containing the DHT resistant hair roots and the solution is typically the returned and facets of the scalp. The hair inside those regions is resistant to the impact of the di-hydro Testosterone, which affords the hair loss hassle because of the sensitivity with the Androgen hormone. The motto is to absolutely make use of the donor element hair to acquire durable hair roots for the hair transplant.

In the view of complete usage of donor element hair, the doctor offers the FUT method in a maximum of the hair transplant instances so that it will acquire durable hair roots. FUE is given most effective in the one’s instances whilst there may be a want of frame hair transplants, eyebrow transplant or a mustache transplant.

(right here positioned the % of secure donor vicinity)

Unsafe Donor Area

The hair roots of the front element, crown, and mid-scalp are touchy to Androgen hormone, and tending to fall out affords the male sample or girl sample hair loss. The dangerous vicinity of the scalp is by no means counted because the security sector reap the hair roots as those regions consist of the DHT touchy hair roots which reason the hair loss. The FUT hair transplant severely applies the guideline of thumb of secure donor strip excision to reap the sustainable hair roots this is loose from the impact of the DHT (di-hydro Testosterone). In the FUE hair transplant method because of the random punching through the doctor compel to goal the dangerous vicinity additionally ensuing withinside the much less sustainable hair roots which might be at risk of fall out.

(right here positioned the % of dangerous vicinity)

Why is FUT the first-rate Technique for Hair Transplant

A grade of better NW magnificence Baldness

When an affected person is tormented by a better grade of Norwood magnificence of baldness, it is most effective a FUT method which could offer the best wide variety of grafts to cowl the bald element as in keeping with the preferred wide variety of grafts. When the affected person grade degrees among the grade III to grade VII, the FUT method is suggested through a professional doctor.

A Desired (High) Density may be Achieved

It is the FUT method that gives the large wide variety of grafts through the strip of the pores and skin pleasing the preferred density at the scalp in order that to acquire the cultured consequences of the hair transplant.

The excessive density hair transplant is today’s sort of hair transplant withinside the hair transplant world. Density is the full wide variety of hair follicular devices in a rectangular centimeter. Normally, the herbal hair density in a mean male is ninety to a hundred and ten follicular devices in a rectangular cm. The excessive density transplant is essential for the one’s patients, who have a decreased grade of baldness like grade a II or III or perhaps for the one’s patients, who require absolutely a totally excessive density hair transplant for his or her unique functions withinside the view factor in their coiffure want and demand. Giving excessive density hair transplant calls for an extended skilled doctor as it desires exceedingly précise surgical competencies and understanding.

To acquire the Long-lasting Hair roots

To acquire durable hair roots, it is significantly confident with the FUT hair transplant method. As the strip is excised from the secure donor element this is proof against DHT hormone withinside the typically returned and facets of the top. The DHT-resistant hair roots do not gift the impact of hair loss troubles and are destined to be everlasting in nature.

Why FUT is higher than FUE?

1. Extraction through the strip gives the best wide variety of grafts

2. Most sustainable hair roots are harvested

3. Most everlasting consequences with the opportunity of more than one sittings

four. High-density hair transplantation with densely-packed hairs

5. A Lesser fee of transection

6. Higher overlaying of the vicinity

7. Scar much less if Trichophytic closure

8. Maximum grafts yielding consequences

9. Maximum opportunity of harvesting all of the hair roots from the donor element

10. Shorter system, while in FUE it takes longer to extract the roots separately which reasons the longer time manner to finish the task

11. Affordable and price-powerful in comparison to FUE

12. Less time eating with utmost consequences

Myths & Facts of FUT Hair Transplant

It is a painful manner: (Fact: Nowadays it’s miles a 100% painless system, subjected to the nearby anesthesia, And if it’s miles being performed on the proper health facility and through the proper medical doctor)

FUT leaves Scars: (Fact: FUT does not go away any scars if the Trichophytic closure has been performed)

FUT Hair Transplant may also harm nerves of the brain: (Fact: Hair Transplant is accomplished at the pinnacle layer of the scalp a long way above the brain)

After a FUT Hair transplant, one desires to take drug treatments at some stage in existence: (Fact: No medicine or preservation is needed for the transplanted hair, as those aren’t at risk of the sports of DHT hormones which cause hair fall)

The procedure of FUT Hair Transplant

Excision of the Strip

In the FUT hair transplant, the strip of the pores and skin from the secure donor vicinity is excised from the intensity of the strip of approximately four mm. The strip entails the clinches of grafts of all of the devices that fulfill the wished wide variety of grafts as in keeping with the grade of baldness and preferred density.

Dissection of Grafts

After the elimination of the strip, the dissection manner is accomplished. The dissection manner lets follicular devices be indifferent from the donor strip without being broken. The grafts are divided beneath neath the right imaginative and prescient of the microscope (20 X). If there are a right magnification and skilled individual to divide the follicular devices, the harm fee will routinely be decreased at some point of the dissection of grafts. To make the discount of grafts much less than 1 % is the maximum effective part of the FUT hair transplant. As we harvest a strip we are able to harvest additionally some of the hair follicles as consistent with the sitting in a mean of around 8000 hair follicles consistent with sitting from SAFE DONOR ZONE and may lessen the harm fee through the usage of a 20x microscope beneath neath the right imaginative and prescient and magnification through seeing the every hair root very simply with the useful resource of video-assisted microscope that assists withinside the dissection of hair roots without difficulty and simply. Magnifications through which we are able to get the better yielding consequences of above 95%, i.e., round 7600 hair roots of 8000 hair follicles consistent with sitting that offers an amazing possibility to cowl a better vicinity of baldness or to provide an excessive density even in a smaller vicinity of baldness.

Closing the Incision Area with Advanced Trichophytic Closure

We near the incision vicinity with a sophisticated Trichophytic closure to keep away from the scars. The Trichophytic closure is a current method to make the suture at the wounded a part of the strip excision in the sort of way that the brink of the incision overlap every different and the hair grows thru it and there might not be any scar seen at donor element.

(Here positioned the photo of Trichophytic closure)

Implantation of the Grafts/Follicular Units

This is the very last step of the hair transplant system wherein the doctor artistically places the grafts at the bald element as in keeping with the hairline layout. There is a good deal significance of the function of implantation manner extra than the extraction or harvesting to get the first-rate herbal consequences. Nowadays, whilst we surf at the net and speak commercially approximately the transplant we speak approximately the approaches that designate what unique health facility or doctor does, particularly the FUT or an FUE, but, no one talks approximately the designing of the implantation that’s extra critical withinside the hair transplant system. The implantation of grafts desires a cultured feel from the doctor facet as it’s miles the maximum critical element of the hair transplant system. Surgeons’ inventive competencies may be visible thru their hairline designing in addition to the position of grafts in a zig-zag style to acquire the fantastic aesthetic contact of the hair recuperation system.

(Here positioned the photo of FUT hair transplant)

Advantages of FUT Hair Transplant

It gives everlasting and long-lasting hair roots because the harvesting is performed thru the strip this is taken from the secure donor element
It is a first-rate choice for better grades of NW magnificence of baldness whilst there may be a want of some of the grafts
A doctor can acquire the widest variety of possible hair roots as there may be no hazard of undesirable harm like FUE wherein random punches are required to extract the grafts
Shaving off the top isn’t required earlier than the system and the opportunity of overlaying large regions of baldness
The price of the system comes beneath neath the price range this is appropriate to all financial lessons of people
Limitations of FUT Hair Transplant
Only Limited to the Expert Surgeon

The FUT hair transplant entails the excision of strips and finally, it returned desires fantastic care and interest in addition to the enjoyment and understanding to do the system with fantastic efficacy so that it will keep away from the threat of scars and pain. Only a professional doctor with complete aesthetic and surgical competencies ought to carry out the FUT hair transplant system.

Possibility of scars at the incision vicinity if it does not nearby the Trichophytic closure

It is critical to shut the incision vicinity with the superior Trichophytic closure to keep away from the probabilities of scars. If the Trichophytic closure has been performed with extra precision and competencies, there might not be any scars left at the strip harvesting sector withinside the donor vicinity.

Limited to the Availability of precise Donor Portion

The FUT method is most effective feasible when you have an excellent donor element. In a few strange instances, if the individual does not own an excellent donor vicinity because of their anatomical or physiological stratum, the FUT system cannot be feasible and in this situation, the FUE system is accomplished. Even in case your donor vicinity may be very bad and carries the least follicular devices, the professional doctor can do the FUT hair transplant with the green usage of the donor element follicular devices through their competencies and understanding.

Why FUT Hair Transplant is a Budget Cost Option

The FUT hair transplant method is one of the superior and worth approaches to reap the hair follicles through the strip of the pores and skin from the secure donor element ensuing in long-lasting hair roots. The price of the FUT system is much less in comparison to the FUE method due to the fact withinside the case of the FUE method, the hair roots are extracted through using punching that calls for the most time in addition to a unique set of competencies for the reason that graft harvesting is all primarily based totally at the hypothesis and forecasting that can be incorrect inflicting the harm of hair roots. The FUE system is a tedious task to carry out due to the fact every and punching desires a cultured distance for the following punching that routinely reduces the opportunity of having some of the grafts to cowl the unique bald vicinity. The FUT system gives the most lasting and everlasting hair roots that’s enough to recover from the hassle of baldness forever, while in the FUE method, there are the probabilities of scheduling the following sitting for the system because the hair roots are taken from the dangerous vicinity additionally and that isn’t for everlasting.


Summing it up, we are able to say that the FUT hair transplant system is one of the fundamental strategies of hair recuperation method that mostly makes a specialty of the consequences this is all aesthetic in phrases of densely-packed hairs in addition to overlaying the better grade of baldness. It is the FUT that could guarantee you approximately the widest variety of possible hair roots that’s used withinside the implantation to acquire the cultured aim of the hair transplant, while in FUE, it isn’t feasible to cowl the better Norwood magnificence of baldness because the method entails the randomly punching manner that gives the lesser wide variety of hair follicles and the probabilities of harm also are very feasible at some point of the extraction.

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